2016-2017 E-Board

Executive Directors (Joshua & Rebecca)
Assistant Director (Paige)
Director of External Membership (Soolgi)
Director of Internal Membership (Aarya)
Director of Advocacy (Brooke & Ailish)
Director of Marketing [Social Media] (Elliot)
Director of Marketing [Public Relations] (Olivia)
Director of Community Outreach (AlanaCeCe)
Director of University Outreach (Emily)
Director of Sustainability Leadership (Tamar)
Technology Director (Isabel)
Directors of Community Gardens (Margaux & Ogechi)
Director of Greek Relations (Jackie)
Director of Graphics (tbd)


Aarya Suryavanshi

Director of Internal Membership
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Fun Fact: My favorite color is green because I had a really intense Ireland phase in 7th grade.

Ailish Ullmann
Co-Director of Advocacy
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Science and Health
Minors: Photography and Social Change; French
Environmental cause most passionate about: Stopping the Anthropocene — the planet’s entirely human-caused, 6th mass extinction.

Alana Herrera
Director of Community Outreach

Brooke Helstrom
Co-Director of Advocacy
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Studies and Philosophy, Politics & Law
Fun fact: I lost my guinea pig in my backyard once.

Cece Urich
CeCe Uhrich

Co-Director of Community Outreach
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Science and Health
Fav outdoor activity: Urban gardening then making dinner with my produce!

Elliot Patrick

Director of Marketing [Social Media]
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Studies
Fun fact: I’m lefty

Emily Palmer
Emily Palmer
Co-Director of University Outreach
Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Engineering (Sustainable Energy)
Favorite outdoor activity: Kayaking
Spirit Vegetable: Snap Pea

Isabel Irawan
Director of Technology
Year: Junior
Major: Neuroscience
Fun fact: I’ve swum with whale sharks! They’re the largest fish in the ocean.

Jacqueline Dobbas
Director of Greek Relations

Joshua Blockstein
Year: Senior
Major: Biological Sciences
Fun fact: I love snorkeling. My favorite places I have been so far are the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys.

Margaux Wilson
Co-Director of Community Gardens
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Engineering
Spirit vegetable: Sugar snap peas! We’ll be like 2 peas in a pod if you join ESA 🙂

Ogechi Ibeanusi
Co-Director of the Community Gardens
Year: Senior
Major: History and English
Fun Fact: I cherish spending time with my friends and family.

Olivia Pearson
Co-Director of Marketing (Public Relations)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Engineering
Minor: Theatre
Fun Fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards in under 3 seconds while doing a headstand.

Paige Preston
Assistant Director
Major: Political Economy
Minors: Social Entrepreneurship; Business Finance
Spirit vegetable: an organic purple carrot

Rebecca Weber
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies, naturally
Spirit Vegetable: Beet

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Soolgi Hong
Director of External Membership
Year: Junior
Major: Business Administration
Minor: International Relations
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Pretty into hiking, backpacking, and escaping the Concrete Jungle

Tamar Fleshler

Director of Sustainability Leadership
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Studies
Fun Fact: My name means “date”(like the fruit) in hebrew!