ESA Certification

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ESA Event Certification Program Download!

An ESA Certified event seeks to reduce negative environmental and social impacts at the University of Southern California. Green event practices include recycling and waste management, energy efficiency, green purchasing and transportation practices, and the use of local and organic foods.

The Environmental Student Assembly is committed to leading by example to achieve sustainability at the University of Southern California. We hope that you will join us in accomplishing our goal by making your next event “ESA Certified.”

In accordance with USC Office of Sustainability and Sustainability Steering Committees of 2014, our program has seven overarching categories: Zero Waste (ZW), Energy Reduction (ER), Carbon Neutrality (CN), Active Engagement (AE), Education (ED), Water Conservation (WC), and Procurement (PR).


Benefits of certifying your event:

  • ESA’s seal of approval (cardinal, gold, or green) for event to put on graphics, social media, and marketing purposes
  • Advertisement of your event on ESA’s website, social media, and as “featured ESA certified event of the month”
  • Conscious effort of making USC a “greener” campus